MC Waistcoat

The Wrenchmonkees MC Waistcoat turned 5 this year! Not much has changed really. It is still produced by Danish Kansas who has specialized in workwear since 1952. We have worn it continuously since 2012 and are very proud about the waistcoat's longevity and durability.

Below is a selection of pictures showing the last five years with the MC Waistcoat.

The first time we produced the MC Waistcoat it was made with bronze lining.
It was produced in black...
and later in khaki and blue.
It features 3 front pockets...
And 2 inner pockets. One big and two small.
Per's customized MonkeeBastard waistcoat.
The MC Waistcoat is water repellent, but it becomes waterproof if you wax it.
Promotion shot for the Wrenchmonkees x Red Wing 4545 Iron Ranger.
On the way to the garage.
At the Wrenchmonkees Dirt Track during this years Castle Run. Photo by Thrashville.
Also perfect for naps.
Want one yourself? See the list of WM stores here or buy it online here.