Nicholas Bech Interview

Thanks to a lot of support from great friends around Europe, Russia and South Korea the new Wrenchmonkees Apparel collection DIRT has hit the stores. We have asked co-founder Nicholas Bech 3 quick questions to find out more about the black approach and how things has changed.

Why is almost everything in the new collection black?

Black is our colour. The first bike we build Monkee #1 was black and different shades of black has stuck with us since the beginning. We have taken some side roads with other colors on both bikes and in the apparel collection, but the idea has always been the same. Black is a part of our DNA, which is probably related to the fact that we are based in Denmark. It is cold and dark most of the year here and our design very much follows the traditional Scandinavian design roots where things has to be simple and practical. It is also the colour of roads, tirs, oil, smoke and dust so it makes sense that we are continuing to design stuff in black and metal grey.

What is different in this collection?

It is smaller and more simple than our previous collections. We haven't put anything into production that we wouldn't wear and we have tested everything ourselves. We are not trying to chase trends and the frame collection is non-seasonal, meaning that our bikes have no season and therefore the clothes should be the same. No one goes out and buys a new bike each year and it should be the same with clothing. Both bikes and clothing should be timeless.

Also, it's always summer somewhere in the world, so instead of only being able to get our tees during summer in Denmark, which is sometimes not existing, it should be possible to get it all year around.

So the collection is going to look like this from now on?

Yes. We are of course still going to develop new styles for every delivery, but we are going to do it in small steps to get everything right and continue producing the products that people like over and over again. That is what we believe in.

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