DIRT Collection

When we don't build motorcycles, we make apparel. Our clothes is designed from the same source, from where we build our bikes and reflect the same ideas. Our core personality is understated and we are not flamboyant with what we do. That's very Danish. Our apparel is functional, robust no-nonsens design based on black like our bikes. It is made to withstand hard wearing and to be used both in the garage and on the streets.

Our SS18 collection DIRT is a black celebration of the dirt eater community. After attending Di Traverso's dirt track school in Italy, we got hooked! The collection is therefore dedicated to the riders who push the limites on the dirt track playground. The riders who dares to take risks, which sometimes go wrong, but who know it's a part of the game.

It's now available in selected retailers. Check it out!

Psst... we have also released a DIRT film. Check it out here.