After a rough ride through Europe our AW16 bike made it to the last stop on its tour. It has been in Meadow in Malmø/Sweden, at Selvedge Run in Berlin/Germany, Kings and Queens in Antwerp/Belgium, Hermanus in Bruges/Belgium, Lord 1973 in Nice/France, at Wheels and Waves in Biarritz/France, Quartier 97 in Wüerzburg/Germany and Bremerich Jeans in Illingen/Germany. Now it’s back in Copenhagen at Kyoto!

We caught up with Kristian Ulriksen, founder of Kyoto, to a quick talk about his store and motorcycles.  

Which brands to do you have?

APC, Acne, Carhartt, Our Legacy, Libertine-Libertine, Red Wing, Wrenchmonkees among others.

What's the story of the store?

Kyoto was founded in 2001 and is situated in Istedgade, Copenhagen. At the time Istedgade had a reputation of being a street with a rather raw and harsh atmosphere. Today Istedgade has undergone a huge development and is one of the most stimulating and trendy streets in Copenhagen with a lot of popular clothing stores, cafés and cocktail bars. Istedgade has it’s own unique atmosphere and in 2003 it was awarded the most trendy place to live in Copenhagen by the fashion magazine Wallpaper. Some might even compare it to Soho, New York.

Kyoto started out purely a male fashion store with a predominant focus on jeans, but Kyoto grew parallel to the development of Istedgade and in 2008 the shop moved to bigger premises on the opposite side of the street. Today Kyoto focuses on both male and female fashion. The ambiance of the shop is welcoming and relaxed which is felt the moment you enter Kyoto. At the same time we also want to inspire and excite our customers with the very specific choice of brands, creative store layout and knowledgeable and helpful sales assistants.

What comes to your mind when we say ‘Motorcycles’?

Design, speed, power/strength, roadtrip, riding to the sunset, masculine.


Istedgade 95

1665 Copenhagen V