REVMONKEE.... HHmmmm what's to say about it ?

We build this beast for Rev'it and it's a fast monkee, which you'll hopefully see being ridden hard on a couple of event's in a near future!

See more at Rev'it and let us know what you think about the bike -

Read what Bike exif has to say about it !

All off this wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for the ton of help we got from our Allies, and we got some pretty good help from the companies below.

And of course you'll see us using products from these top producers when we have a project that will allow us to do so.

SC-PROJECT CR-T exhaust silencer


GIA Engineering tubular aluminum swingarm.

Standard front fork, uprated and lowered 15 mm by HYPERPRO Suspension. Fully adjustable.

HYPERPRO Suspension rear shock. Fully adjustable.

DYMAG CH3 Magnesium wheels, front 3.50x17, rear 6.00x17.

DUNLOP GP Sportmax racing slicks, front 12070x17, rear 200/55.

BERINGER 330mm front brake discs and calipers. BERINGER rear brake caliper.

BERINGER front / rear brakemaster and clutch master. Steelbraided hoses.

RK 525 ZXW racing chain. TALON rear sprocket.

UHREWERK x WRENCHMONKEES top yoke ( tripple tree ).

UHREWERK x WRENCHMONKEES footpegs, standard rearsets.